Face Swap App For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Playing with photos is one of the most fun filled things that you would do on your smartphone. Apps like funny faces and all changes the shapes of your face and brings the mirror house to your smartphone.

I have identified three different Face Swap apps for three different most popular operating systems of smartphones which would let you swap faces on a photos. Sounds fun, right?

The best thing about all these apps is that you do not need to be good with your photo editing skills, unlike what you need to know to do the same on your computer. And this fact which makes it an easy to use app makes this particular type of app a great fun.

Face Swap App For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Face Swap App For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Face Swap For Windows Phone

This is definitely one of the most easy to use apps you have ever used. All you have to is either click a pic, or open any pic in this app and shake your phone & that is it. Its a free app and works like charm. You can swap faces and share them right away on Facebook, Twitter.

Face Swap For iPhone

Its a paid app, but this should not stop you from using this app as its incredibly amazing. Some critics have ranked it as THE BEST face swapping app available. Its Advanced Face Detection feature works perfectly with group photos. And with features like zoom in, and Unique Faceswap technology, you have faces swapped with amazing accuracy.

Face Swap For Android

Even this Android app is a paid one, but is totally worth it. Features like zooming, Snap Import, image filters and few more editing tools make it a user friendly and powerful face swapping app for Android. One solid app to play with photos.

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September 10, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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