How To Uninstall Multiple Apps On Android Without Root

Uninstalling multiple apps has always been one of those features that every Android user was waiting for. In Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, user has always had the privilege to uninstall multiple apps at one time. Android has always lacked this particular feature and still does. But if you wish to have this feature on your Android […]

How To Fake GPS Location On Android

There must have been multiple instances when you wish to change your GPS location. Honestly speaking, in this era of smartphones, one cannot hide as Android would know your exact location, thanks to GPS on your smartphone. And in a way, this is a scary thought that this Android feature has compromised with your security. […]

How To Find Faulty Hardware In Your Computer

Finding the faulty software might not be a difficult task, but the doing the same thing for hardware becomes one hell of a task. Yes, finding a faulty hardware on your computer is a difficult task. I should say that its not a very difficult task in the current scenario considering we have so many […]

9 Must Know Hidden / Unknown Features Of iOS 7

iOS 7 is the latest release of iOS and just like every new OS release, even iOS 7 has got some lesser known (0r) unknown features. And this post is meant to compile all such iOS 7 features. My friend got this iPhone updated to iOS 7 lately, and there were many features which were […]

Tracking Your Money In Digital Age

Technology has become a fundamental part of every modern man’s life. Gadgets like smartphones have changed how we manage our professional and personal life. Almost 8 out of 10 mobile phone users have a smartphone (this is purely my analysis). So, how about using your smartphone to manage one of the most important things of […]

How To Use Android Beam To Transfer Files

Android has been pumping in brand new features with its every release and in this post, I would be talking about Android Beam. I am sure that you have heard of Android Beam and that is the reason you have ended on to this post. But just to brief a little, Android Beam is one […]

How To Fix Display Problem On Mac – Fix Distorted Display

Something is definitely wrong with you Mac machine’s display and that is the reason you have landed on to this page. I have listed out three steps, (which could prove to be three different ways also), as any one of these steps can fix this issue on its own. If you have woke up and found that […]

How To Activate / Enable Numeric Signal Strength on iPhone

I know its not something unachievable that you are asking for. You can find number of battery apps in the market which would let you replace conventional bar signal strength with numeric signal strength as its more comprehensive. But the fact that this feature is there in your iPhone (hidden), and you need not go for […]

The Best And Most Fool Proof Way To Hide Files On Android

Hiding files is one of the most basic requirement for any computer or smartphone user. Hiding files on computers (whether its Windows, or Mac), is no longer an unknown art. But it surely is a less popular art for all the smartphone users. I have seen people password protecting their smartphones, and they unlock their […]

Must Know HTC One Tips and Tricks – Hidden Features

HTC One is the most powerful smartphone by HTC of the current date. And in the current scenario, a smartphone is supposed to have a set of interesting features which would differentiate it from the other high end smartphones in the market. Whether it would be Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 4, BlackBerry 10 or any other high […]

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