7 Must Know Features Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has surely become THE MOST popular messaging app on smartphones. Whether it would be iOS, Android or Windows mobiles, WhatsApp is one of those app which is being used extensively. The fact that you are reading this post suggests that you are also an avid WhatsApp user. I believe in using shortcuts, hidden features […]

HealthKart Plus – Find Cheap Medicines On Android

This is surely one of the best apps ever introduced in India. Its a know fact that markets in almost all the commerces exploit buyers in number of ways. And selling the same sort of thing under the name of bigger brand gives them the right to sell them for higher prices. Medicines is definitely […]

How To Uninstall Multiple Apps On Android Without Root

Uninstalling multiple apps has always been one of those features that every Android user was waiting for. In Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, user has always had the privilege to uninstall multiple apps at one time. Android has always lacked this particular feature and still does. But if you wish to have this feature on your Android […]

HP Slate 7 vs Apple iPad Air vs Google Nexus 7 – Compare Specs

No doubt, tablets are one of the hottest commodity in today’s tech based market. HP has unleashed its brand new tablet in the market which looks quite promising. And it seems, its a solid response to Google Nexus 7. When we talk about tablets, how can we not count Apple iPad Mini. In this post, […]

How To Fake GPS Location On Android

There must have been multiple instances when you wish to change your GPS location. Honestly speaking, in this era of smartphones, one cannot hide as Android would know your exact location, thanks to GPS on your smartphone. And in a way, this is a scary thought that this Android feature has compromised with your security. […]

3 Top Recycle Bin for Android

Now the concept of Recycle Bin is something that everyone would wish to have on their Android devices. The fact that there isn’t any harm that these sort of apps would do makes this a big deal. I am pretty sure that there have been times when you have deleted something from your Android may […]

How To Auto Organize Files On Android

Most of us know that creating rules on folders is one of the best features MS Outlook has ever come up with. And what if such feature powers your Android up such a way that all the files on your Android manage themselves. Yes, I am talking about a File Organizer for Android which works […]

Best Ways To Record Radio On Android

Yes, smartphones are becoming as powerful as your computers or laptops, but there are things that are still preferred to be done on a computer rather than a smartphone. And there are some things that you want to do on your smartphone, but you cannot as you are not sure how to do it. One […]

Face Swap App For Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Playing with photos is one of the most fun filled things that you would do on your smartphone. Apps like funny faces and all changes the shapes of your face and brings the mirror house to your smartphone. I have identified three different Face Swap apps for three different most popular operating systems of smartphones […]

Must Have Apps For NFL Apps For Android 2013

As NFL Season is just around the corner, I have been sharing some must check out posts on NFL, like ways to watch NFL online for free. But I know that its possible that you are on move and may be you cannot watch the game online. In that case, the only thing that you can […]

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