How To Find Faulty Hardware In Your Computer

Finding the faulty software might not be a difficult task, but the doing the same thing for hardware becomes one hell of a task. Yes, finding a faulty hardware on your computer is a difficult task. I should say that its not a very difficult task in the current scenario considering we have so many […]

Cheap / Budget Graphics Cards Below $250 Of 2013

I have recently shared a small list on budget graphics cards below $100, and now I have taken the bar to $200 and obviously, we have a better list now. I have tried to pull out some of the top performing graphic cards and mind you, these won’t hurt your pocket either. Best thing about […]

Top 5 Graphics Cards Of 2013

The world is getting digitalized each day and you have configure your PC in such a way that it should cater to all your graphics needs. Whether it would playing HD games, watching HD movies, or working on animation tools, having a powerful graphics card will always help. I have compiled a list of few […]

Best 3 Graphic Cards Below $100 Of 2013

Radeon and GeForce are among the top notch manufactures of graphic cards. Cheap does not always mean low in quality, but yes, it surely is inferior with respect to the expensive ones. But, if you can get find a good but cheap graphic card that could do justice to its price, then its a DEAL. In this […]

4 Best Gaming Monitors 2013 – Part 1

When you think of buying hardware for gaming computers, you think of things like gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, heavy RAM, graphics card but not gaming monitor. In my opinion, gaming monitor is an integral part of a gaming computer setup. There are number of factors which would help you take a decision on buying a […]

7 Best Gaming Controllers For PC 2012

Gaming is all about experience. And it depends on the gamer whether he like playing with gaming keyboards or gamepads. If you are one who prefers the later, then this post could prove to be helpful to you. This is a compilation on best gaming controllers for PC of 2012. We have sharing a lot […]

10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2012

No gaming machine is complete without a good keyboard. And here is the list of few good gaming keyboards. There are number of factors which make a good gaming keyboard like comfort, number of keys, functionality and much more. And the other factors which make you go for a particular keyboard is the type of […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Desktop PC 2012

Powerful gaming machines always fall under the higher end of the price chart. For obvious reasons, everyone cannot afford high priced gaming desktop PCs. So, I have compiled a list of budget gaming desktop PCs, which are are would gaming machines. Before we get into this list, there is a kind request that please do […]

5 Best Gaming Desktop Computers 2012

Trust me, every gamer prefers playing games on desktop computer rather than on any laptop, no matter how powerful it may be. Playing games on desktop computers is far more comfortable and offers better gaming experience. I have compiled the list of best gaming desktop computers of 2012. If you are having any plans of […]

7 Vintage Apple Products Which Have Been Forgotten

Apple is known for coming out with devices which are way ahead from its time. This 30 year old company has redefined number the personal computer, the portable music player, the portable media player, and many more. So lets travel in a time capsule to know more about the vintage Apple products. Lately they are […]

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