3 Best Free VoIP Clients For Android

Mobiles have grown to smartphones and this breed of mobile phones a.k.a smartphone are amazing. You can call, send SMS, play games, use apps, browse Internet, record videos, take pictures and do much much more. So, how about using VoIP clients and bringing down your mobile costs. So we have complied a list of best free VoIP clients for Android.


If you have good data plans subscribed from your network, you can use these free VoIP clients on your Android smartphones and make calls at lower prices. These clients offer you with powerful messaging services. Here are the 3 best free VoIP clients for Android (alphabetical order):


If its not Skype, then its Nimbuzz. It integrates number of IM clients and VoIP services which make it a powerful free VoIP client. And no wonder, this is one of those reasons behind the success and popularity if Nimbuzz.

And if you talk about its voice quality and network, then Nimbuzz can be preferred over any other free VoIP client. May be even over Skype. It is worth trying!


Heard of Skype? No wonder you have. Skype is now available on Android too. Using this free VoIP client, you can make free Skype to Skype calls provided you have a good data connection subscribed.

You can use your same old Skype ID for it and access the same contacts. Yes, making calls using Skype would be a cheaper option for you. And its voice quality is simply impeccable.


To be precise, Trufone is an all in one solution for the people looking for a free VoIP client and free chat client. It integrates VoIP networks Skype, Google Talk with chat networks MSN, Skype, GTalk.

Since this free VoIP client is compatible on powerful Android smartphones, one could expect incredible voice quality and network connection.

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