Top 5 QWERTY Keyboard Smartphones

I know people who are not comfortable to touchscreen and they need physical QWERTY keyboard on their smartphones. And looking for phones with physical QWERTY keypads in the market full of touchscreen smartphones. So here are the top 5 QWERTY keyboard smartphones on our charts.

All the smartphones do have touch screen QWERTY keypad bu it is way different from actual physical keyboards. Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola are among the front runners in this section. Here is the best among the many such phones in the market:

Top 5 QWERTY Keyboard Smartphones

BlackBerry Torch

This BlackBerry smartphone was resulted for those people who were looking for touchscreen on BlackBerry. BlackBerry is the pioneer for QWERTY keyboards. And together with BlackBerry 6 OS, 3.2 inch touch screen display with gorgeous BB’s fully functional QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry Torch is a success in the market. It also features 5 MP camera with 2x digi zoom, auto focus and flash. Regardless of you being a BlackBerry lover, Torch would surely impress you.

HTC Desire Z

This member of Desire family was basically designed for the HTC lovers who missed QWERTY keyboards. HTC phones never had keyboards till then, but HTC Desire Z features full functional QWERTY keypad. With a display screen of 3.7 inches of 480 x 800 resolution, Desire Z is a good deal. It also packs a 5 MP camera.

Samsung Epic 4G

Since the day Samsung Epic 4G was launched, people have been loving it. Whether it would be looks, or specifications, Epic 4G is totally impressive. With a 1GHz processor, it is capable to meet your high end needs. Then its 4 inch AMOLED screen gives you just what you need. This smartphone with QWERTY keyboard weighs 155 grams and measures 4.18” x 2.5” X 0.39”. And the fact that it supports 4G, makes it more special. Its 5 MP camera with LED flash and autofocus and front facing camera for video conference calls makes it a complete package of powerful QWERTY keyarbord smartphone.

Motorola Driod 2

It all started with Droid and since then Motorola never looked back. It them moved on to Droid Pro, Droid 2 and now Droid 3. I have used Droid in the early days of Android and I have to tell you that it still stands among the best of smartphones I have ever come across. With wide screen of 480 x 854 pixels with 16M colors, Droid 2 is real delight for your eyes.

It runs on 1.2GHz processor, which promises raw power for each and every high end task. Apart from QWERTY keyboard (what you are looking for) Droid 2 features 5 MP camera, which turns it into a powerful smartphone.

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 is one of the better high end smartphones in the market. And it is commendable that without being powered by Android, Nokia E7 has been selling good. With full QWERTY slide out keyboard on 4 inch AMOLED touch screen display, it completes your need of touch plus keyboard requirement. It also features 8 MP camera which is capable of recording HD videos. With good battery life and features like Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor on Symbian 3 OS, Nokia E7 is a perfect combination of looks and power.

We are not saying that these are only good QWERTY keyboard smartphone available in the market, but these are surely in the top list. The market is huge, and if you come across a better smartphone with QWERTY keyboard, do share with us.

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June 21, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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