Top 5 Free To Do List Apps For Android

My parents always advised me to be plan my things. They made me learn how to organize and plan my activities and tasks. But times have changed and I have realized that my brain ain’t big enough to remember all the things that I need to do. At such times, to list apps are the only respite. If you have an Android with you, then we have a useful list of free Android apps for you.

We have compiled a list of 5 best free To Do List apps for Android. These apps would let you organize your stuff in the best possible way and best part is that it wont take any of your precious time.

Top 5 Free To Do List Apps For Android

Astrid Task

I wont be mistaken if I label Astrid Task as one of the most popular To Do list app for Android. This app features widgets, ability to sync with Google tasks, tag your activities, reminders, filters. So, you can stay intact with your schedule in the best possible manner.


This works as the name indicates. Make a list of the things that you need to do, put checks whenever its done. This app lets you sort things by due dates, priority, and categories that would create. It lets you create small notes and attach with any task that you want. And its reminders, filters, and widgets come as few of its basic features.


I’m not sure why do they call it GTasks. May be the fact that it lets you sync your to do list with Google Tasks, but as said I’m not sure about its name. It comes with note making tools, checklists, reminders, widgets. The most impressive thing about this To Do list app for Android is its user interface as its makes things simpler.

Taskos To Do List

Personally I love this free Android app because it makes my life so much easier. ThisĀ  is a free app but offers you with so many features that even paid Android apps fail to do. It converts speech to text and make the entries, sync with Google Tasks, reminders, notes, create categories, check boxes and also lets you share your activities on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and other services like Dropbox etc.

To Do List Plus

This is a basic To Do list app for Android without any of the advanced features. If you are looking for a simple Sticky Notes kind of app for your Android, then try To Do List Plus as it is simple to use with intuitive user interface.

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June 23, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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