How To Sideload Android Apps On BlackBerry

So what exactly do we mean by to sideload Android apps? Well, its a so called unofficial way to install Android apps. Yes, BlackBerry OS does not run Android apps by default but in this post, we would share an incredible way to sideload Android apps on BlackBerry.

What makes this post a more special one is the fact that it does not need require a rooted BlackBerry. Below are the detailed step by step instructions which would let you install Android apps on BlackBerry.

| How To | Steps To Sideload Android Apps On BlackBerry

  • Download DDPB Installer and install it the way you install any other program (if you encounter any kind of error while installing the program click on the Continue button to move ahead)
  • Depending on your OS configuration, you need to install the Jave environment –¬†JRE for Windows 32 or JRE for Windows 64
  • Assuming that we have all the required firmware, lets get started with the actually steps now
  • Enable the Development Mode on your BlackBerry Playbook by navigating as Settings > Security > and tap on Development Mode
  • Now you need to slide the slider labeled as Use Development Mode in order to turn the mode ON
  • This will prompt you to enter password. Enter a password and click on the OK button to confirm it. Make sure you remember this password. You can confirm the same by checking the notification bar in the top right corner

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  • Now connect your Playbook to your computer and run the DDPB Installer
  • On the DDBP Installer window, click on the Scan button which would auto fill your IP address (If it does not auto fill the IP address, tap on the Person icon on the Playbook to find the IP address)
  • In the Password field, enter the password that you would have set while putting your tablet into Development Mode
  • Once its done, click on the Connect button in order to connect your Playbook to the software. You can verify the details in the bottom left side of the program which would display the details like OS, PIN and Version

sideload android apps on blackberry.png

  • Now click on the Add button which would launch a new window where you need to browse and select the converted .bar (from .apk) file. And put a check across the app to add it to the list
  • Click on Install button to get it installed on the device

That is it! This is the step by step guide to sideload Android apps on BlackBerry Playbook.

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September 20, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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