How To Fix Installation Unsuccessful Error In Android Market

No wonder, Android Market is the best that could happen to a Android user. Downloading apps from there lets you boost up your phones utility, efficiency and performance. So, while downloading apps you might have come across errors like Installation Unsuccessful or Download Unsuccessful. So, here is the tutorial to fix Android market errors like Installation Unsuccessful and Download Unsuccessful.

Ways To Fix Android Market Errors – Installation Unsuccessful and Download Unsuccessful

Method 1

This might happen due to the issue with cache. So, you get a fix this Android market error just by cleaning up its cache. To do that, navigate your Android as below:

Applications > Manage Applications > All > Market and hit “Clear Data

This is not only clear the data, but would also clean the cache. Now, try downloading the app which was causing you error. This would fix the issue. If this method doesn’t work out, then we can try the other below methods.

Method 2

There might be a possibility that this error is being thrown because of Android market updates. So, you can fix this Android market issue by uninstalling the updates. To do that, navigate as below:

Settings > Applications > Market > and then click on the Uninstall Updates button

Now try downloading the app again and this would have fixed the Installation Unsuccessful or Download Unsuccessful error.

You can either try one method at a time or you can follow the steps for both the methods one and then try downloading the app from the scratch. This is how you can fix Installation Unsuccessful or Download Unsuccessful error in Android market.

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June 7, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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