Free GPS App For Windows Phone 7

Since Windows Phone 7 has hit the market, buyers are sceptical if they could get appropriate its apps as easily as one could get Android apps and iPhone apps. But, one could easily find apps for their Win 7 powered smartphones. Here is the free GPS app for Windows Phone 7, GPS4Me.

Technically speaking, manufacturers have stated that Windows Phone 7 powered smartphones would offer amazing GPS feature, and any such app would make your phone more useful.


GPS4Me is a free Windows Phone 7 application meant to serve to your GPS needs. Here are some the features of this GPS app:

  • Accurate geographical coordinates
  • Real time positioning of maps
  • Locates your current position and offers its address
  • Lets you share GPS information by SMS
  • Automatic unit selection

There are many more features that this free GPS app for Windows Phone 7 could offer which would make your smartphone a powerful device, may be as powerful as any advanced GPS device. Its worth trying!

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January 13, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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