5 Best Free Apps For Kids For Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of most selling tablet PCs in the market and I am sure that there isn’t any person on the planet unaware of this name. We have already talked about the best free apps for Galaxy Tab, and its the time for some apps for your kids.

Yes, we would be talking about the best free apps for kids for Galaxy Tab. You can use this amazing tablet PC for so many reasons. Whether it would be reading books, watching movies, browsing Internet, listening music and many more. And there are number of free apps available in the Android market which would make your kid use this tablet PC.

5 Best Free Apps For Kids For Galaxy Tab

iStory Books

The name might suggest you that this is an iOS app, but this app is meant for Android only. If you kid is fond of stories, then this free Galaxy tab app is highly recommended. Initially it would come with 11 free books and new books would be added to it after every two weeks.

Kids Doodle

No list of kids apps is complete without a Doodle app. And the fact that this app is more than a conventional Doodle app, makes it really special. This app works on real world physics and colorful which would make your kid love it.

Kid Mode : Play + Learn

Here is an award winning Android app for your kid for Galaxy tab. And the best part about this Galaxy tab app for kids it the fact that it is completely free although it is nothing less than an advanced app. It features with number of options like puzzles, math games, coloring books and word games. It is an all in one package which is completely dedicated for you kids.

Sound Touch

This is another interesting app for your kids for Galaxy Tab. This app makes you identify real life objects and animals by displaying the pictures and playing sounds. It is based on the good old way to make your kid differentiate between animals and other objects.


If your kid is learning words, then this is a must have app. This is very much like the super hit classic game, Boggle. It gives your kids with jumbled words and your kid needs to find out the words (longest) that could be made from those letters. If you were looking for a word game for your kid, then this free Android app is highly recommended.

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