2 Best Free Office Suites For Android

Computers are no longer the ONLY devices to get your work done when it comes to creating and managing documents, excel sheets and PowerPoint slides as all the Android devices let you do the same.

We have found 2 best free Office Suites which let you create and manage Documents, PowerPoint slides, and Excel sheets. These apps would let you do things, that you can do on your computer using suites like MS Office.

2 Best Free Office Suites For Android


This is the most popular Office Suite for Android available. Yes, just like any other Office Suite it does let you create Word documents, Excel sheets and PPT slides. And this app also lets you manage your Google Documents. So, you need not look for any other third party tool if you sync your Office documents with Google documents.

Google Documents

All the Google apps work like charm with Android devices. So, using Google Documents as Office Suite for Android is not at all a bad option. And its feature to save files on the cloud adds so much to its credibility. By using Google Docs, you need not carry digital data, as it can you viewed, edited and deleted right on the move.

And there are number of other apps like ThinkFree Mobile Office and Documents To Go which lets you view any kind of Office documents. You can also update these apps to edit the documents, but would not be free. If you are aware of any other free Office Suites for Android, do share with us.

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September 7, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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