Top Google Nexus 7 Accessories

I always say that a smartphone isn’t smart without any useful apps. And similarly, with some nice accessories, you can surely make a powerful device more powerful.

Google Nexus 7 is definitely one of the top selling tablet PCs on the planet. And if you are a proud owner of Nexus 7, you can check out the below accessories for Nexus 7, which would prove to be a great help.

I have tried to list the accessories of various purposes so that everybody can find atleast a few things of their liking. Lets start with the list now.

Top Google Nexus 7 Accessories

Top Google Nexus 7 Accessories

Cases, Sleeves And Covers

Believe it or not, cases and covers are the most fundamental (must have) accessory for every smartphone and tablet PC. And it goes well with Nexus 7 too. And its upto you whether you want a fancy, flimsy or robust case / cover / sleeve. Spend some time on Internet and pretty sure that you will find THE ONE for your Nexus 7.

Docks And Speakers

If you find them pointless, then I would like you to get them from any of your friends and use them for few days. Docks and speakers are great addition to your Nexus 7 family. Its upto you decide, whether its speakers and docks. And you can find number of manufacturers offering variety of speakers and docks.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Android

I know number of people who want to use their tablet PCs as their laptops too. If you are one among them, then you need to get yourself a tablet keyboard. This is a compact and incredible keyboard for any Android tablet PC and works like charm with Nexus 7. Its light in weight, wireless and comes with adjustable stand. You can check the same from other manufacturers too.

Bluetooth Mouse

If you are planning to get a keyboard, then do check out any Bluetooth mouse too. You can easily find number of bluetooth mice which would be compatible on your Android device i.e. Nexus 7.

Stylus And Stands

I am not sure how many of you would agree with me for listing out stylus in the list, but tablet PCs stands and stylus do deserve to be in the list here. You can find number of varieties of stylus in the market (high price and low price), and same goes for stands. See, you if you find anything for your Nexus 7 tablet PC.

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