Top 7 Free Cydia Apps For iOS 5 Devices

I know a lot of people who end up jailbreaking their iOS device and are not actually sure of the things that could be done later. If you have jailbroken iOS 5 device, then you would surely find this post helpful.

This is the first time I am writing something for jailbroken iOS 5 devices. In this post, I would listing out the best Cydia tweaks and apps for iOS 5 devices.

These tweaks and apps would let you unleash your iOS device and I am sure that you would start using most of these apps and tweaks on regular basis and would prove to be of great use.

Top 7 Free Cydia Apps For iOS 5 Devices


This is a free app from BigBoss repository which lets you create your own shortcuts and gestures. It not only lets you create shortcuts, but also lets you customize the existing shortcuts (that come by default) as per your comfort.


If you text a lot, then I would like to recommend this app. Its not that the default texting app on iOS 5 does not solve any purpose, but BiteSMS app has so much to offer like passcode lock, signature, quick compose/reply and much more.


There must be times when you wish to change the settings of your display screen because you find it difficult to operate in the sun. F.lux

Hands Free Control

There is no doubt about the fact that Siri has made life easier. But launching Siri does take some efforts. So, how about making it automatic. Yes, this app will launch Siri by just the sound of your voice.


I call it the High Fundu app for iOS 5. This free Cydia app for iOS 5 displays you with the complete information of your iOS device without even unlocking the device. So, just a look at the home screen and you will

Multi Icon Mover

This is not a path breaking app but offers something that iOS 5 should have been offering itself. iOS does not let you move multiple icons, you have to do it one by one. But with Multi Icon Mover, you can move multiple icons at a time.


What is so special about WinterBoard? Well, it lets you change color and customize almost each and every element on the display screen of your iOS device.

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February 15, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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