Top 3 1TB External Hard Drives

Choosing a good external storage drive has always been a pain. There are hundreds of manufacturers in the market and choosing the best one among them is surely an ache. So, we have come with top 5 1TB external hard drives.

Makers are now concentrating on looks so that they could attract the buyers. But the parameters which matter the most is the speed, size (portability) and life. Taking these parameters into consideration, we have come with best of portable storage drives.

Top 3 1TB External Hard Drives

E906-Jun-level encryption Edition (1TB)

This storage drive features SATA perpendicular recording technology and has 8MB Cache. With the most advanced chip control this hard drive is a superior one. It features technologies like hydraulic roller-balancing technology.

Western Digital My Passport Essential

This 2.5 inch external hard drive is highly advanced when it comes to the features offered which include 256-bit hardware encryption, password protection, high speed interface and much more. It measure 126.15 x 79.5 x 15 mm which makes it highly portable. With data transfer rate of 480 Mb / s, this is surely a good option to consider.

Seagate FreeAgent Desk 2.0

While counting the best portable hard drives, how can we miss a Seagate product. It’s a 3.5 inch external hard drive which weighs 1390 grams and measures 175 × 33.7 × 172mm. With a speed of around 35 MB / sec, and 32MB of cache, this Seagate hard dive is a very good option to consider.

These are the 3 best external hard drives that we have come across. We wont be surprised if you come across a better one because there are hundreds of similar products in the market. So, just make sure that you take care of all the parameters while buying one.

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May 26, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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