Must Know Samsung Galaxy S4 Features – Part 1

Samsung Galaxy has become more than a brand now. And I won’t be wrong if I say that it has actually become a game changer. It brings so many interesting features with its every release that actually makes you believe that smartphones are actually smart and has all the capabilities to make your day to day routine simpler.

Gone are the days when a buyer would simply check out the hardware specs, try out camera, explore its looks and would swipe his credit card to buy a phone. Since smartphones are going smarter, buyers want something more from these high end phones. And these expectations are pretty justified because of the heavy price tags attached to these smartphones.

In this post, I have compiled a short list of few must know Samsung Galaxy S4 features, or say, some unknown / hidden / or less known features of Galaxy S4. Check them out, and see if these reasons could be factors which would compel you to buy this smartphone.

Must Know Samsung Galaxy S4 Features - Part 1

Must Know Samsung Galaxy S4 Features – Unknown / Hidden Features

Smart Camera Feature

How many times have some moving things in the background or foreground spoiled your photo? Bid goodbye to such days because Galaxy S4’s camera takes a series of snaps, and deletes the ones in which the objects are moving. That is called a smart camera!

Air Gesture

Some would say that this is the silliest thing featured on any smartphone, but my advice is to try it before you actually disable it. You can take calls, switch on speaker phone and do many more things just by your gestures.

Smart Screen

Enable this feature right now. As the name suggests, this feature does label S4’s display as a smart screen. Once its enabled, your smartphone won’t get locked while you are looking at it. And while you are watching a video on youtube, it would pause while you are not looking at the screen. Features like these would surely thrill you.

Super Camera

Galaxy S4’s camera offers quite a number of features which would let you play with it. Few of them include, freezing objects around other than the moving object, using front and rear cameras together, creating GIF images and few more.

Built In Sensors

Galaxy S4 incorporates number of sensors which would let you measure weight, blood glucose levels and blood pressure. In addition to all this, its so called S Health feature lets you decide your diet plan, keep a check on your exercises, calculate calories and much more.

Keep exploring your S4, while we come up with one more compilation of Galaxy S4’s interesting features.

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May 21, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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