How To Use WhatsApp On Windows And Mac

I do not have an Android smartphone or any Android device for that case. And I have my friends always bugging me to buy one so that I can get on to WhatsApp.

Well, like me, if you are looking for a way to use WhatsApp On Windows or Mac, then there is a way. Yes, you can run WhatsApp on PC the way you use them on your Android.

So, what exactly do you need to use Android app on computer? Here are they:

Guide To Use WhatsApp On Windows

  • To start with, we need to install Android Emulator on your computer
  • Once you have downloaded its setup file, install the same and when it asks you for the location to install it, name it as C:\Android or C:\abcdefg. Just ensure that you do not include ” ” (space), in the path names
  • Once the installation is complete, the SDK Manager wold launch automatically. If not, then launch it manually by navigating as Start > Programs > Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager
  • This tool will prompt you to install Android OS first, so go ahead with version you want
  • I assume that you have installed Android OS, and now we are good to setup Android Emulator
  • Click on the Virtual Devices on the left panel and click on New button
  • A new setup window for Emulator will pop up now. Fill in the details mentioned in the window like, Name (name that you want to give to emulator), Target (Android version), Size (storage memory), and once done, click on AVD button
  • Once installed, it will be showed up in the list, so just double click on it to run it
  • Now, your AVD (Android Virtual Device) has been started, so just launch its web browser and open
  • Install the application, and run it
  • It would now ask you to enter a phone number. Enter the one that you are using as it would send a verification code to that number which would look like below:

From: 99999
WhatsApp code 9840K

  • Now you need to open telnet. How to do it? Well, get on to command prompt and enter telnet localhost 5554
  • This will launch the connection to local host port 5554. While you do this, I hope you have installed telnet
  • Now you can send a text by using below command:

sms send <sender phone number> <message>

sms send 99999 WhatsApp code 9840K

  • That is it! You can start using WhatsApp on your computer

Now you can officially tell your friends that you are ON WhatsApp. And yes, you did not buy any Android device for that as you can use WhatsApp on Windows and Mac. Isn’t it cool?


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February 1, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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