How To Root Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung Galaxy 3 is an Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone, and here is the tutorial to root this Android 2.2 phone. Yes, we are talking about the tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy 3. The best part about this tutorial is the fact that once you root your Galaxy 3, then unrooting the same is so very easy.

Before you start with this process to root Samsung Galaxy 3 you need to make sure that you have the drivers of the phone installed on your computer and you also need a tool labelled as SuperOneClick v1.5.

Here is the step by step guide to root Samsung Galaxy 3:

STEP 1: If you do not have SuperOneClick v1.5 , make sure that you download it and install it.

STEP 2: Once you are done with the installation, run the application.

STEP 3: Now, switch OFF your Samsung Galaxy 3 and connect it to your computer. And then on the SUperOneClick program, click on the button labelled as ROOT and then wait while the tool says Waiting for device.

STEP 4: Now, switch ON your phone and wait as SuperOneClick would detect it now.

STEP 5: Now the tool will automatically restart your phone which is actually a part of whole procedure to root Samsung Galaxy 3.

STEP 6: Once your phone is restarted, it confirms that your Samsung Galaxy 3 is rooted.

STEP 7: If you feel that your Samsung Galaxy 3 is working slow after rooting, then download BusyBox, extract the .apk file and install it on your Galaxy 3 as it would help you bringing back the phone to normal state.

Above was the complete guide to root Samsung Galaxy 3. Unlock it, and make the best of it.

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December 23, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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