How To Disable Camera Sound On Samsung Galaxy S II

Since Samsung Galaxy S II has come to the market, it has been selling like anything. Just like its previous model Galaxy, this S II version is also a super hit. Since it has come into the market and already millions of users are using it, we would like to share few tip and tricks for Galaxy S II.

METHOD 1 – Disable Camera Sound On Samsung Galaxy S II

Navigate to /data/ and look for the file named as, local.prop. If you do not find such file, just create the file at the following location, /data/local.prop. Once you find that file or create that file, all you need to do is add the below line,

Now reboot your smartphone and its camera sound would have been disabled. If you want the camera sound back, either delete that file, or remove the above entered line, or edit the above line as below:

METHOD 2 – Disable Camera Sound On Samsung Galaxy S II

I am quite sure that you might not prefer the second option because we would disabling all kind of sounds from it. But if you are fine with it, navigate it as below:

Settings > Sound > Volume > System

And there, all you need to do simply turn off the sound completely. That is it. These are the two normal ways to disable / turn off camera sound on Samsung Galaxy S II.

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July 28, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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