How To Create / Make Android Device Portable WiFi HotSpot

Android is more than a conventional mobile OS. There are number of features which make Android loveable and powerful. Can you make your Android a WiFi HotSpot? Yes, you can. You can easily make your Android device portable WiFi HotSpot.


Here is the step by step procedure to create / make your Android device a portable WiFi HotSpot:

STEP 1: Go to the Home screen of your Android device and tap on the MENU button.

STEP 2: Now, navigate it to SETTINGS > WIRELESS & NETWORKS.

STEP 3: There you will find an option labeled as TETHERING & PORTABLE HOTSPOT, just select it.

STEP 4: Now make sure that you put a check at the PORTABLE WiFi HOTSPOT option.

STEP 5: Now on the same screen, you will find an option labeled as PORTABLE WiFi HOTSPOT SETTINGS, simply tap on it and the select the CONFIGURE WiFi HOTSPOT option on the next screen.

STEP 6: Now it will prompt you for NETWORK SSID, enter the credentials.

STEP 7: It will ask you to choose any of the two security options, which are OPEN and WPA2 PSK. Choose any of them and tap on the SAVE button.

NOTE: If you choose WPA2 PSK, it will ask you for the password.

That is it! You have successfully created an Android Device Portable WiFi HotSpot. Now you can use this Portable Wi-Fi hotspot as a conventional one.

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January 4, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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