Giddi – Search Engine To Find Best Products

How to find the best products / deals in market? Looking for a search engine to find top rated products? Giddi is a web application which lets you find the best deals with so much of ease.

Giddi – Products Rating Search Engine

Giddi is actually a product rating engine which collects the information about the products which include price, reviews, sales and other product details. And based on the feedback from some of the big online sellers like Amazon,, Epinions, and CNET Reviews, it aggregates score to each product.

One can easily count on this service as it includes 609496 products from 1604873 reviews across 259 categories. And score of each product by Giddi is trustable to a great extent.

Giddi gives you immense power to think about a product before you actually go to the market and buy it. This web app is worth trying.

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December 24, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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