How To Install Custom Firmware On PS3

If someone asks you why should you install custom firmware on PS3, then what would be your response? Well, talking in layman terms, this PS3 hack of installing some custom firmware will let you play PS1, PS2 and pirate PS3 games on PS3. Apart from this, this PS3 mod will let you run Linux OS […]

How To Use Your Mobile Phone / Smartphone As Web Cam

These days, almost every mobile phone or smartphone comes with a camera. And what exactly do you do with mobile camera? Clicking snaps and capturing videos. That is it, right? How about using your mobile phone / smartphone as web cam? Yes, you read that right, this is very much possible. There is small application […]

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Motorola Droid / Milestone

Android 2.3 Gingebread is the latest Android OS version avaiable. Since everybody is looking to upgrade the Android OS of their smartphones, why should you stop if you are having Motorola Driod / Milestone. We would help you with the way to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Motorola Driod / Milestone by upgrading it. Here […]

How To Mod Sony PSP 3000

This is another PSP hack that we are sharing with you which is bassicaly a PSP Mod. This tutorial is on how to modSony PSP 3000. Once you are successfuly with this PSP Hack you would be able to install and run homebrew applications on your PSP Console. Once you are done with the modding […]

Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread On Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the latest version of Android OS. And if you looking to install this Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700, then here is the step by step guide for your. With Android 2.3, this operating system is ready to prove that there isn’t any better OS for your smartphone. Here is the step […]

How To Create / Make Android Device Portable WiFi HotSpot

Android is more than a conventional mobile OS. There are number of features which make Android loveable and powerful. Can you make your Android a WiFi HotSpot? Yes, you can. You can easily make your Android device portable WiFi HotSpot. Here is the step by step procedure to create / make your Android device a portable WiFi HotSpot: STEP […]

Hack iPod Nano 6G To Remove / Uninstall Apps

Is there way we can remove / uninstall apps from iPod Nano 6G? If there is such a way, then that is to hack iPod Nano 6G and remove the apps that you do not want. Hacking iPod Nano 6G surely sounds huge. It could be done by changing the SpringBoard list. This would add […]

How To Install Android On Windows or Linux PC

Since the day Android came into picture, people have started loving it. And as a die hard Android fan, I look to install Android on every possible device. We have already talked about installing Android on iPhone / iTouch. And, here is the tutorial to install Android on Windows or Linux PC. Now, you can […]

How To Install Ultimate PSPTube On PSP

We have already shared the tutorial to install PSPTube on Sony PSP, and here is the step by step guide to install Ultimate PSPTube on PSP. This hombrew app is a very useful asset for your PSP as it lets you watch online videos straight on your PSP console. Here is the complete step by […]

How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy 3

We have already talked about the complete tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy 3, and once you root it, you might want to unroot it too. So, here is the complete tutorial to unroot Samsung Galaxy 3 too. If you wish to unroot Samsung Galaxy 3, then here is the step by step method: Before you […]

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