ARCHOS 3 cam Vision – MP3 / MP4 Player – PMP – Review, Specs, Price

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision is the gorgeous MP3 / MP4 player in the market. This ARCHOS PMP is much more than a conventional PMP or MP3 / MP4 player. What makes 3 cam Vision special is the fact that ARCHOS have packed almost every single thing that one look for in a PMP.

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision features a 3 inch TFT color display screen with a picture resolution of 400 x 200 pixels. Its glossy design and crisp finishing makes it look gorgeous.

Here are the specifications of ARCHOS 3 cam Vision:

  • 3 inch TFT display screen
  • Built-in Video Camera
  • 8 GB Storage Capacity
  • FM radio with recording
  • Supports major audio, video and other multimedia file formats
  • Audio recording
  • Battery backup – 14 hours of music playback and 4 hours of video playback
  • Measures – 3.82? x 2.05? x 0.35?
  • Weighs – 2.26 ounces

This ARCHOS PMP or MP3 / MP4 player does not let you create playlists which can be considered as a backdrop. In the current market situation, price of this ARCHOS PMP makes a huge factor as competition is huge.

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision has got a price tag of $100 which is truly overwhelming. Considering the number and kind of features this ARCHOS MP3 / MP4 player is offering, it truly lives up to its price and its brand, ARCHOS.


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