8 Apps That Every Office Worker Should Have On Their iPhone

These 8 productivity apps for your iPhone are designed to give you access to your office no matter where you are. Most of them allow you to synch your information directly to your office desktop, so the work you do on your phone can easily translate to your office. While no one wants to work all the time, these apps will help you take care of any business that comes up while you are away from your office.

1. SugarSync – This app is part of the SugarSync service. Once you purchase the service for $49.95, you can instantly synchronize folders and data between your desktop computer and your iPhone. Any change you make on your computer will automatically be reflected on your iPhone. SugarSync also offers a file sharing tool that allows you to send large files that do not easily transfer through e-mail.

2. Evernote – This powerful app is free for the iPhone and lets you hold up to 40 MB of data on a web-based server. You can synchronize photos, text, and voice memos to your desktop computer once you upload them from your phone. The image recognition feature of Evernote will use information from any photos that you upload and search the internet for more data on the items in the pictures.

3. iXpenseit – This is a great app for business travelers. You can keep track of all your business expenses while you are traveling and generate reports that make it easier to keep the expenses categorized. If you have been given a traveling expenses budget, iXpenseit will help you keep track of how much you have spent and how much you have left.

4. WinAdmin – For $11.95, this app will allow you to log into your work computer and manipulate the screen as if you were sitting at your desk. You can scroll around the desktop by swiping the screen. Since your iPhone screen is smaller than your desktop monitor, it can take some time to get used to navigating your computer on your phone.

5. ProOnGo Expense – This app makes it easy to track your expenses and the expenses of your employees. A nice feature is the receipt scanner that automatically converts a printed receipt into a digital file.

6. SurePayroll – This is a full-featured payroll app in the palm of your hand. You can generate paychecks, direct deposit, wage deductions, and more. The app synchs directly with Peachtree, MYOB, and Quickbooks.

7. iTalk Recorder – This app is a sophisticated recording tool for your iPhone. You can adjust the audio quality as well as add new audio to existing files. When you are connected through Wifi you will be able to quickly transfer your audio files to your desktop in an AIFF format.

8. Vlingo – Vlingo is a speech-to-text application that allows you to create memos, update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or perform searches based on addresses or information in your memos. A map feature will help you find any address you need. Vlingo is designed to work with Google or Yahoo.


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