4 Best Free QR Code Reader For iPhone

QR Code was never an iOS concept. Although it started from Android, but there are number of QR Code Reader for iPhone available in the market. But the question is why would one need a QR Code Reader?

All the major brands are using the QR Codes now. Sooner or later, have a QR Code Reader in your smartphone will help you shop, share info and other stuff.

Brands like Best Buy, Calvin Klein, FOX network, GAP have started using QR Codes. And you might have also heard of business cards in the form of QR Codes, all this show that if you are an iOS user, then you need to be geared up with iPhone QR Code Reader.

4 Best Free QR Code Reader For iPhone


As the name suggests, this app is meant to scan QR Code and Data Matrix on iPhone. Once you launch this app, you need to tell it which code you are trying to read. And once done, it will do its scanning job. It is a simple app to use as you wont come across any sort of hassles while using it.


This iPhone QR Code reader is one the best and most popular ones available on iTunes. It is capable of scanning QR Code, Data Matrix, and even Aztec bar codes. This surely makes it a simple and powerful way to read QR Codes.


In addition to QR Codes, this Code reader is capable of scanning EZ Code, Data Matrix and UPC codes. Not just for iPhone or iPad, this app is available for almost all the mobile OS.


Wonder why is it named like this? Well this iPhone QR Code Reader comes from Wayne Sutton who himself is an iPhone fan. And the fact that it also lets you know about all the upcoming tech events and share them on social networks gives it the name, Social Wayne.

Surely there are many more few QR Code Reader for iPhone available on Internet, but these are surely the most impressive ones. If you have been using any such app on your iOS device, please do comment and share with us.

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August 10, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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