3 Top Free Navigation And GPS Apps For Windows 8 Phones

I LOVE sharing GPS apps. I have friends who travel a lot. So most of the GPS apps that are reviewed by me are either tested by me or by by friends. You do not see GPS devices or navigation devices being sold anywhere in the stores now as the smartphones are going smart every day.

iOS app store and Android app store are HUGE. Finding a GPS app for those mobile platforms is not a big task. Since Windows 8 Phone is pretty new to us, one might not find those many options, but we do have a decent set of GPS and navigation apps available for Windows 8.

Since Microsoft does not feature Google Apps in its default app list or app store, finding a good GPS app for Windows 8 becomes equally important.

3 Top Free Navigation And GPS Apps For Windows 8 Phones

3 Top Free Navigation And GPS Apps For Windows 8 Phones


Here is a Bing powered app for you. This is a Bing Maps interface for your WIndows 8 smartphone. It offers the quickest and smoothest way to make use of Bing Maps. A must have app for Bing Maps user.


This might not be the sort of GPS app that you have been looking for, but is surely a great one to have. It updates you with the most updates fuel prices and helps you finding the cheapest prices in your area. If an app is helping you save some money, so why don’t we make the most of it.


Unlike the name suggests, the app has nothing to do with Google. In addition to fundamental GPS offerings, this app also give you some traffic updates, alternate routes, compass engine and few more features. A must check out app if you are looking for a GPS app for Windows 8.

These are the basic 3 GPS apps for Windows 8 that I would like share for now. Going forward, I promise to come up with more apps for specific models. So Long!!!!!!

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January 15, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra

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