3 Best Non Market Third Party Apps For Android

Non market third party apps are those apps which are not listed in Android market. If you are thinking why is that app not added to Android market if it is that good.

Well, the reason is simple. It is upto to the developer of the application, if he wants to add his app to the Android market or not. Because in order to add your app to the Android market, it has to meet certain set of rules. And more over, you are supposed to pay Google based on the number of downloads.

So, there are many such non market third party apps for Android, which are amazing and are worth trying. But while downloading and installing such non market apps, you need to be sure of all pros and cons because Google wont be responsible for any damage caused.

3 Best Non Market Third Party Apps For Android

Racin Moto v1.1.2

I wonder why I never knew about this scintillating game. This is by far the best racing game I have ever played on Android and surely is one of the best Android games. If you play games on your Android, then do try out this app.


Swype first became popular in the world of smartphones when it hit iPhone and iPad market. Now, you can download this amazing app on Android too. I am sure this will solve so many of your typing woes. Once you get used to it, you can type about 40 words every minute.

Tunny Browser

If you use your Android to browse on Internet a lot, then you have try this non market third part app for sure. Its rendering engine lets you browse at faster speed. And it is the first Android web browser, which supports addons. Apart from that, it offers tabbed browsing.

We have already shared the tutorial to install non market third party apps on Android, I hope that would be helpful to pimp your device.

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November 11, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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