5 Top Free GPS Apps For Kindle Fire

Officially Kindle Fire might only meant for reading books, but if you want, you can get your money worth by using it for various other tasks. And using GPS apps on it is on of those tasks. You can actually use GPS apps on Kindle Fire. No, you cannot just pick any free GPS apps […]

Kindle – The Complete History |Infographic|

I wont be mistaken if I label Kindle as the world’s first eBook reader. This has been Amazon’s best creation so far. Because of its low price tag, its user base became huge. And those who were looking to get their reading needs catered, Amazon Kindle proved to be their best deal. In the below […]

How To Install Android Market On Kindle Fire

We have lately told you about how to root Kindle Fire and in this post we would talk on how to install Android Market on Kindle Fire. If you are looking for a device which would serve to your reading needs, then there is no better device than Kindle Fire. Alright, this post is not […]

How To Root Kindle Fire – One Click Root

Amazon Kindle Fire hit the market as a ebook reader, yet it seems to have affected the market of tablet PCs. Well, the reason is simple. There are many people who have ended up buying a tablet PC to serve to their need for reading ebooks. It is a fact that Kindle Fire is way […]

5 Best Free Games For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is not meant for gaming, but the fact that it runs on Android does lets you play few games on it. So, we have compiled a list of free games for Kindle fire. The market for Kindle Fire Apps is not as huge as Android market, but is good enough to find the […]

Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color vs iPad 2 – Compare Specs

In the market of tablet PCs and powerful smartphones, ebook readers were not expected to do well due to lack of functionality when they are compared with tablet PCs or smartphones. But for the people who are explicitly looking for devices for read ebooks, there is nothing better than ebook readers. Amazon Kindle Fire is […]

Kindletodo – To Do List App For Kindle – Notepad For Kindle

Amazon Kindle has been one of the most influential gadgets in the recent past. People who are fond of reading fell in love with this ebook reader. Kindle has surely invented the modern way of reading books. If you have been using Kindle, then you might have surely felt the need of having apps installed […]

Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys For Kindle 2 e Book Reader

Amazon Kindle 2 is undoubtedly the most favorite eBook reader and if you are looking for its Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys for Kindle 2, then here are some. This year we have witnessed some outstanding ebook readers, but Kindle 2 have undoubtedly proven its metal in heavy competition. Below are the Shortcut Keys / Hotkeys […]

How To Read / Access Kindle e Books On Your Computer / PC?

Kindle for PC is a free program which lets you access and read all the Kindle e books on your computer. Without Kindle e-book reader, this program allows you to make the best of the innovative Kindle technology. With Kindle for PC, you can instantly start using the Kindle books. Below are the steps which […]