8 Top Free Alternatives To WhatsApp For Android

WhatsApp is undoubtedly THE BEST messaging client available for Android. But at the same time, there is a huge group of Android users, who would easily switch to some other app because of number of reasons. Few of the reasons which could be pushing you to switch to some other messaging service are, its LAST […]

Comics – Free Android App For Free Comics

Who doesn’t like Comics? I know it isn’t a million dollar question, but its surely a tough one. If you are a comics fan, then you would love to have them on your Android device. Currently, there are number of free Android apps which offer free comics, but this app (that we would be talking […]

How To Login To Multiple Facebook Accounts On Android

You have to agree to this fact that Facebook has become a part of major part of modern civilization. And I know quite a number of people who use multiple Facebook accounts. If you are one such user, then handling multiple Facebook accounts on Android surely gives you some tough time. Managing multiple Facebook accounts […]

5 Best Free HD Games For Android

How about some HD games for Android device? Sounds cool, right? And the fact that all these Android HD games are of free of cost make these things more appealing for you. With more and more Android tablets and smartphones hitting the market, the Android market would just grow from here. And making the most […]

Android FTP Client – Transfer Files From Android

There is no second thought about the fact that cloud service like Dropbox make things so much easy to handle files and stuff. So how about setting up a FTP server on your Android so that you can transfer files from your Android to any online hosting service or even your home computer. That does […]

Download Facebook Photo Album On Android – MyAlbum For Facebook

Here is a free Android app namely, MyAlbum For Facebook which lets you download Facebook photo album on Android, or even individual Facebook photos. Downloading Facebook photos on Android device was always an issue and this is one of those feature which was badly missed on Android. But this free Android app surely solves all […]

3 Best Free Android Radio Apps

If you feel that radio is dead, then I have to tell you that you are completely mistaken. I agree that the listener base have gone down big time, but there are people who still love listening music on radio. Now lets talk about the other angle of it. If you are done with downloading […]

5 Best Free Android Games

Now Android is every where. Whether it would be smartphones or tablet PCs, Android is turning out to be the most popular and powerful OS. So we have complied a list of 5 best free Android games. All the below games for Android are highly popular, not just because they are free, instead they actually […]

How To Disable Threaded SMS In Android

Personally I find the feature of threaded SMS amazing. If you are one of those guys who are into large scale texting , then you would surely love this feature. But irrespective the reason if you wish to disable threaded SMS in Android smartphone, then we have got a solution. Firstly, this is one of […]

How To Uninstall Preinstalled Apps In Motorola Droid 2

Like any other Android smartphone, Motorola Droid 2 also comes with number of preinstalled or default apps. You might or might not need them. If you actually use those apps, then having them on your Droid 2 is not a burden. But if those apps are not much of use for you, then you surely […]

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