3 Best Ways To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

I have already shared a post on ways to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2, and its time for Galaxy S2 now. Basically, there are the three ways that I am aware of. One is by using the hard buttons, second is by using the Android interface and third one is by dialing the magical number. […]

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S 3

There could many reasons behind you colliding to this post. If you are looking to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S 3, then you would find this post useful as I would be sharing two ways to do it. If you have read any of such posts to hard reset Android smartphones, then you would […]

Ways To Factory Reset HTC One X

Regardless the reason why you wish to reset your HTC One X, you can follow the below ways to get it done. Yes, by a hard reset, you will lose all the data (which includes everything on your phone like messages, apps, photos, videos and everything) and settings permanently. Just make sure that you backup […]

Best Ways To Factory Reset BlackBerry

BlackBerry OS is considered to be one of the most stable OS for smartphones. And if you end up landing into a situation where you want to factory reset BlackBerry, you need not take it to any BlackBerry service station as you can do it on your own. In this post, I would sharing different […]

3 Best Ways To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2

Now what exactly do we mean by factory reset or hard reset. Well, once you factory reset or hard reset any device, all its settings would be changed to the default settings or factory settings. If you are looking for smoother and easier ways to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2, then here is some help […]

How To Restore iPod Shuffle

There might some sort of technical issues with your iPod Shuffle. And the best way to fix those issues when you are not able to understand the cause is to factory reset iPod. So, we bring you with the complete guide to restore iPod Shuffle. So, when you restore iPod Shuffle, what exactly happens to […]

How To Factory Reset Motorola XOOM

If you are how to factory reset Motorola XOOM tablet PC, then we bring you a couple methods for the same. Like every other device, you need to make sure that you backup your Motorola tablet PC before you reset it. Factory Reset Motorola XOOM From Menu First make sure that you take the backup […]