How To Find Dead Pixels Of LCD Monitor Or TV

Although LED and Plasma TVs are there in the market, but one can still see that the market of LCD TVs and monitors. If you are planning to buy a new or may be a second hand LCD monitor or TV, it is very necessary for you to check if there are any dead pixels. […]

How To Recover Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Before WhatsApp, I cannot think of any app which have served so many mobile users across the planet who could text and send files to each other with so much of ease. Now we have WhatsApp available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms, which allows you to stay in touch with almost all your […]

6 Top Free Android Apps To Kill Time When Bored

Sometimes killing time becomes very important and I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. Suppose you are standing in queue which is moving at snail’s pace. And that moment, you desperately need some thing to kill your time and that could be any of your Android apps too. In my pursuit […]

4 Free Apps To Create GIF On Android With Photos

Photos used to be only way to capture some top moments of your lives. But with the advancement of technology, we are witnessing some high end cameras, smartphones, tablets. And capturing photos and videos have become a daily affair and its surely a blessing. Well, we are not here to talk about the importance of […]

3 Top Free Clipboard Managers For BlackBerry

In this era of heavy weight texting and formal typing on smartphones, you definitely need clipboard managers to handle your copy paste business. And if you are having a BlackBerry, you definitely need some help to find such apps (because BB App Market is like a dark whole, NO OFFENSE). And I wish to offer some […]

3 Free Android Apps To Find Duplicate Files and Contacts

You can easily find tools which would help you get rid of duplicate files. But in this post, we would be actually about the Android apps to find duplicate files. Whether it would be duplicate songs, photos, or any other type of files, these free Android apps would help you find them and get rid […]

Top Free Expense Managers For Windows 8

With prices going up each day, managing your expenses is very important. And its upto you whether you want to follow the conventional notepad way or you can use apps on your smartphones (its a technology world). If you have a Windows 8 device, then you can make use of any of the below free […]

5 Alternatives To Google Reader For Android

Since Google Reader is going to get terminated (which is definitely going to be one the saddest news of the year), you would like to look for some good alternatives. I loved Google Reader because it was simple to organize, manage and use even though you have subscribed to huge number of feeds. As this incredible service is […]

WhatsApp Shadow Beta – Set WhatsApp Status To Invisible

WhatsApp is definitely one of the best thing happened to the smartphone technology. Once WhatsApp got introduced to Android and iOS, the conventional texting was kept into garbage bin, as this incredible messaging service charged far too less (its free to an extent). No matter how good this service is, I am sure that you wish it […]

Google Nexus 4 vs Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5 – Compare Specs

The market of smartphones have gone super hot as the quad core processors are powering up more and more devices. Whether its Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC or any other manufacturer, everybody has been trying hard to make their phones more powerful. In this post, we would try to get you the clear picture of […]

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