5 Best Strategy Games For Android 2012

Android Market is huge and its ever growing number of application is testimonial to this fact. There was a time when I loved spending my time playing Strategy games on my computer. And I know that there are number of people who love playing RPG games. Here is a wonderful list below where I have […]

Apple iPad 2 vs Apple iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – Compare Specs

Apple has announced its latest tablet, Apple iPad Mini in order to attract the users who are looking for a smaller tablet PC. iPad became iPad 2 with better specifications and iPad 2 got into iPad with Retina Display which was more grand and superior that any other iPad. Apple iPad Mini is for those […]

Top 5 HP Laptops 2012

I know people who are brand specific or have an inclination towards a particular brand. If you are one of those people and looking for a HP laptop, then this post for you. We have listed some of the best HP laptops of the year. When it comes to computers and laptops, HP has always […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Optimus G vs iPhone 5 – Compare Specs

If a smartphones comes into the market these days, the first thing I do is, I compare it with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Its not that I have labelled them as the best smartphones on the planet, but its just the fact that these two smartphones have shown us how powerful a 70″ […]

LG Spectrum vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Lucid – Specs Compare

As you all know, we like to compare most of the top smartphones in the market with either iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. And in this post, we would be comparing the two latest LG smartphones, that are LG Lucid and LG Spectrum. No wonder, Galaxy S series smartphones have been setting benchmarks in […]

5 Best Sports Headphones Below $100 2012 |Headphones For Running|

I love listening to music and regardless what I am doing, one can always find me listening to music. I do not workout often, but I am aware of the fact that music plays an important role in anybody’s workout regime. So for people like us, it is not that just the zeal that we […]

5 Top Convertible Laptops 2012

It all started with a computer, then to personal computer which evolved into laptops and later into notebooks. Today, we have smartphone and tablet PCs equally powerful like a decent laptops. Now we have convertible laptops or say convertible tablet PCs. This concept was there even tablet PCs where introduced to us. We always had […]

4 Free Android Text To Speech Apps

There are huge number of people who use or want to use good text to speech app on their smartphones. And such apps are in demand among the people who like listening to Podcasts. If you have a huge article, then reading it on your smartphone display might prove be a I HATE IT task. […]

7 Android Apps for MBA Students

Nearly countless apps are available for users of Android smartphones. These apps cover a wide spectrum of needs from entertainment to business and more. The best options for you as you study for your MBA will vary based on your unique needs. These seven, however, have proven extremely helpful for many students. 7 Android Apps […]

Top 4 Free Clipboard Managers For Android

I have never realized the effectivness of a Clipboard tool until I used it. I have always considered as an overrated concept for an application, and I am glad that I was wrong. If you do a lot of copy and paste, then you surely need a Clipboard App. Here I am listing a small […]

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