Toshiba Protege Z830 vs Samsung Series 5 – Ultra Thin Laptops

With more and more powerful smartphones coming into the market, laptops are getting thinner and lighter. Earlier, it was not very easy to find a thin laptop, now the modern laptop market is flooded with ultra thin laptops. In this post, we would be comparing two of the best ultra thin laptops in the market […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2012

We have recently listed out the best gaming laptops of 2012, but the fact that all the high end advanced gaming computers are way costly does not allow every gamer to go for it. This post is dedicated to all such gamers who are looking for good but g. I did some reading, and store […]

7 Best Gaming Laptops 2012

Buying a good gaming laptop is one of toughest task because it involves huge sum of money. And no one would want to make a bad buy. I did some research online, visited stores and took feedback from the users and have come up with a list of best gaming laptops for 2012. One thing […]

HP Envy 14 vs MacBook Pro 13 vs Dell XPS 15 – Specs Compare Laptops

We have three most loved laptops in the market listed in this post. Two run on Windows where as one is a Mac machine. In this comparison post we would try to compare all the three laptops, HP Envy 14, MacBook Pro 13 and Dell XPS 15 in such a way that you can get […]

Razor Blade vs Apple MacBook Pro – Laptops Compare Specs

A brand new powerful gaming laptop has been introduced into the market during CES 2012. And I am thrilled to tell you that this laptop is good enough to beat any high end laptop being sold in the market. By the way, this super laptop that I am talking about is called, Razor Blade. In […]

Dell Vostro 3555 15.6″ Laptop – Price, Specs, Review

Dell adds a brand new member to its Vostro family, Dell Vostro 3555. This is a 15.6 inch laptop with gorgeous looks and like other Vostro laptops, Vostro 3555 also banks on its business laptop configuration. Dell Vostro 3555 can be completely customized. You can choose from its E2-3000M dual core processor to A8-3500M processor. […]

Alienware m14x vs MacBook Pro 13 – Specs Comparison Laptops

What exactly is your definition of powerful laptop? Just a powerful processor never makes up a powerful laptop or computer. Alienware m14x and MacBook Pro 13 are the two most powerful laptops in the section of 14 inch or 13 inch laptop computers and here is its specifications comparison. Both these high end laptops are […]

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro – Which Is Better ?

MacBook family has always been the on the higher end of laptop market. So obviously when you are investing huge amount on your laptop, you want it to be best in the market. With the arrival of new MacBook Air in the market, the people now has the chance to choose between MacBook Pro and […]

Tips To Maintain Laptop Battery – Dos And Don’ts

When you buy a brand new thing, you take a oath that you would look after it. I do this whenever I buy something new, but I fail in doing so. So, when you buy a brand new laptop, you ensure that it does not get any scratches, keyboard stays fine, display looks great, its […]

Toshiba Qosmio F750 Glasses Free 3D Laptop – Specs, Price, Review

3D technology is going advanced every day. Toshiba brings the world’s first glasses free 3D laptop into the market, Toshiba Qosmio F750. Few years down the line no one has every thought of having 3D technology at their homes, but time has changed. Now, we have something called glasses free laptops in the market. Toshiba […]

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