How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S To Factory Settings

There are times when you mess up with your phone and then look to reset your phone. This tutorial is for similar need if you have Samsung Galaxy S. Yes, this is a step by step guide to reset Galaxy S to Factory Settings. We have already shared a post on speeding up Galaxy S. […]

How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S

Any smartphone user would surely understand and must have experienced that their Android device or smartphone becomes slow once you install more and more apps. If you are a Galaxy S owner, and worried by the same issue, then we have a tutorial to speed up Samsung Galaxy S. It is a small trick which […]

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab To Factory Settings

The whole procedure to reset Samsung Galaxy Tab To Factory Settings is so very easy and simple. You can simply reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab using the factory reset option or there is another way too. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab which is running fine on Android OS, then you can reset to […]