10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2012

No gaming machine is complete without a good keyboard. And here is the list of few good gaming keyboards. There are number of factors which make a good gaming keyboard like comfort, number of keys, functionality and much more. And the other factors which make you go for a particular keyboard is the type of […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Desktop PC 2012

Powerful gaming machines always fall under the higher end of the price chart. For obvious reasons, everyone cannot afford high priced gaming desktop PCs. So, I have compiled a list of budget gaming desktop PCs, which are are would gaming machines. Before we get into this list, there is a kind request that please do […]

5 Best Gaming Desktop Computers 2012

Trust me, every gamer prefers playing games on desktop computer rather than on any laptop, no matter how powerful it may be. Playing games on desktop computers is far more comfortable and offers better gaming experience. I have compiled the list of best gaming desktop computers of 2012. If you are having any plans of […]

5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2012

We have recently listed out the best gaming laptops of 2012, but the fact that all the high end advanced gaming computers are way costly does not allow every gamer to go for it. This post is dedicated to all such gamers who are looking for good but g. I did some reading, and store […]

7 Best Gaming Laptops 2012

Buying a good gaming laptop is one of toughest task because it involves huge sum of money. And no one would want to make a bad buy. I did some research online, visited stores and took feedback from the users and have come up with a list of best gaming laptops for 2012. One thing […]