Why And How To Create Business Card QR Code

So far we have known and been using QR Code just like some advanced barcode which lets you download apps and stuff like that. How about business card with QR Code? Sounds interesting right? Well, we often give our business cards to people and once it is handed over, there is no guarantee that the […]

Free Online SLR Camera Simulator

Why would one actually need a SLR camera simulator? Well, this question has got many answers. If you are planning you buy a new SLR camera, then you should try this service to get the feel of real SLR camera. If you are new to SLR cameras, then handling one would prove to be nerve […]

How To Find Graphics Card Details

Shark GPU is a free tool which is compatible on all Windows OS and lets you find graphics card details. This freeware works with NVIDIA GeForce and AMD / ATI graphics card. Shark GPU is a freeware tool to view information about your graphics card that works with NVIDIA GeForce and AMD / ATI. This […]

FindIcons – Find and Download Thousands Of Free Icons

FindIcons is a web service where you can search, find and download thousands of icons for free. As the name indicates, you can find and download all types of icons for free. It is the largest database of icons of the web and has a sophisticated search and filtering to give you very accurate results. […]

CoolText – Make / Generate Logos, Text, Graphics, Buttons Online For Free

CoolText is a popular free web service which lets you make / generate / create logos, text, graphics, buttons online for free. CoolText is basically a free online logo generator or free online graphics generator. On many occasions we need a custom image for either the redesign of a website or for use in social […]

DocsPal – View, Read and Convert Files From One Format To Another Online

DocsPal is a free online service that lets you view / read / convert files from one format to another. Within a couple of minutes, you can simply add a file and convert or read or view them in any another format. First you need to add the files to Docspal (up to 5 files […]

CarrotSticks : Free Multiplayer Online Math Game For Kids

CarrotSticks is a web service which offers free online free multiplayer online Math game for kids (1st – 5th graders). Here, you kid can play the game with the kids playing from all over the world. This makes it a more competitive and encouraging online Math game. Fun activities and games for the kids are […]

TwiTalker: Access And Update Twitter From Google Talk

Wondering how to access Twitter using Gtalk? With TwiTalker you can send tweets and receive friends’ updates to Google Talk. So, its Twitter on G Talk. TwiTalker is actually a powerful Google Talk robot that links your Twitter account to Google Talk account and you can have an easy access to your tweets just by […]

5 Best Free Online Image / Photo Editors

If you are looking for top and best free online photo / image editors, we list 5 free online photo editors. How often we work on image editing application as we need some quick, easy, online and free solution to do our jobs and to replace the traditional desktop programs. There are number of programs […]

How To Search / Find Files On Rapidshare

How to search or find files on Rapidshare has always been a task. Rapidmaniac, a Rapidshare file search engine helps to find files on Rapidshare. Rapidshare is the most popular file hosting service on world wide web. Yet, we cannot find a search bar on the Rapidshare website. So this makes finding files in Rapidshare […]

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