How To Sync Android With Mac Wireless

Syncing an iPhone or iPod is not at all a big deal, as your iTunes takes care of it. But what if you wish to sync your Android wireless? Is it possible? Well, if you have a Mac, then lets do it! You can use the legendary Winamp on your Mac, and use your Android […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Its been quite a while that I haven’t shared any jailbreak tutorial. Here is the complete step by step guide to root Samsung Galaxy S3 or say, jailbreak Galaxy S3. In this tutorial, we would be first installing CWM on your device, and then root it. Lets get into the guide now. Steps To Root Samsung […]

How To Play DOS Games On Android

Classic stays classic. Even though you have played the high definition games like Fifa, GTA, COD, but I am pretty sure of the fact that your love for the classic games would stay the same. And if you are in that mood to rediscover your love for DOS games on your Android smartphone, then go […]

How To Sideload Android Apps On BlackBerry

So what exactly do we mean by to sideload Android apps? Well, its a so called unofficial way to install Android apps. Yes, BlackBerry OS does not run Android apps by default but in this post, we would share an incredible way to sideload Android apps on BlackBerry. What makes this post a more special […]

13 Top Samsung Galaxy S3 Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy is THE smartphone of the current market. Regardless the fact Samsung lost the case against Apple, and do not minding the fact that Apple wishes to get the Galaxy S2 and S3 banned does not make me negate the success achieved by the this amazing Android smartphone. For a normal buyer, Samsung Galaxy […]

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone Without Jailbreak

We have shared number of ways to download YouTube videos on iPhone (jailbreak ones), Android. I know a number of iPhone users who haven’t jailbroken their devices, and they do not wish to jailbreak it in near future. If you are one of those proud non-jailbroken iPhone users, then this post is meant for you. […]

Best Way To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone & iPad

I love watching videos, and YouTube has always been one of the most visited websites on my computer. And I know that there are millions of users who love watching videos on YouTube. If you are an iPhone user and happen to love a video on YouTube, how would you download it? Well, I have […]

Best Ways To Get Lyrics On iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Who does not like listening to songs, and the bigger question, who does not like singing them along? I am not really sure if you are aware of the fact that lyrics for songs is the most searched item on Google since a long long time. And this is evident to this fact that almost […]

How To Sync Multiple Google Calenders On BlackBerry

Most of the BlackBerry users have this misconception that they can sync only once Gmail account on BlackBerry. Well, I too used to believe the same. I am not really sure about syncing multiple email accounts (I am working on it), but you can surely sync multiple Google calenders on BlackBerry. It is not that […]

Useful Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy Note

Like most of the Samsung Galaxy family members, Galaxy Note is also a success story. Within few weeks of its release, it became one of the best smartphone in the market. With such powerful specifications, no wonder this would top the list of high end smartphones with impressive performance. If you are a proud owner […]

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