ARCHOS 3 cam Vision – MP3 / MP4 Player – PMP – Review, Specs, Price

ARCHOS 3 cam Vision is the gorgeous MP3 / MP4 player in the market. This ARCHOS PMP is much more than a conventional PMP or MP3 / MP4 player. What makes 3 cam Vision special is the fact that ARCHOS have packed almost every single thing that one look for in a PMP. ARCHOS 3 […]

NOOK Color e-Reader – Review – Amazon Kindle Alternative

The new NOOK brand e-reader from Barnes & Noble has been getting a very mixed reaction from the marketplace. E-readers and books have been coming and going for a while now, culminating with Amazon’s Kindle 2 reader and the new Apple iBooks. Barnes & Noble are also marketing the new reader as much as possible, […]

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC – Review, Specs, Price

After all the rumors about the failure of HP Slate production, the official release of HP Slate 500 stuns the market of tablet PCs. This HP tablet PC, Slate 500 is one of the most awaited gadgets of this year. Now, this tablet PC is all set to live up to its hype and expectations. […]

ARCHOS 32 Android Internet Tablet / PMP – Review, Specs, Price

Archos 32 is the latest Android Internet tablet released in the market. This Portable Media Player ( PMP ) is one powerful Android device as it runs on 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU. Archos 32 features a gorgeous 3.2 inch touch screen display. With a picture resolution of 400 x 240 pixel, the resistive […]

Apple iPod Nano 6G (6th Generation) – Review , Specs, Price

Yes, it is back. Apple is back with its iPod Nano series. This time it is Apple iPod Nano 6G, yes it is the 6th generation device by Apple. Apple iPod Nano 6g features 1.5 inch color display screen with a picture resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. And coming to its size, it is […]

Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet 8 / 16 GB – Review and Specifications

Archos is a known name in the market of Internet tablets. Archos 101 is their latest Android Internet tablet PC which has been planned to released in two versions, i.e. 8 GB and 16 GB. Archos Internet tablet is powered by Android 2.2 / Froyo OS, which makes it far more powerful than other Android […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad – Comparision Of Specfications And Features – Tablet PCs

The battle of tablet PCs is just about to begin. This time, its Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet PC by the makers and is all set to prove which is the best tablet PC in the market. Apple iPad has been one hell of an innovation. […]

Archos 43 Vision PMP–Review And Specifications

Archos is always known for its touchscreen technology. Archos 43 Vision is its brand new PMP (Portable Media Player). And Archos Vision is one of the best touchscreen portable media players manufactured by this amazing tablet manufacturing company. Archos 43 Vision is a 4.3 inch PMP which is getting popular because of its incredible performance […]

CherryPal Introduces Low Priced/Cost Android Tablet PC

The market seems to be captured by Android based devices and touchscreen tablet PCs. CherryPal brings its low priced 7 inch Android tablet PC powered by Android 2.1 OS. With 800×480 resistive touchscreen display, this CherryPal Android Table PC offers you with great Android experience. It lets you access Android Market and download amazing Android […]

BlackBerry PlayBook VS Apple iPad – Specifications

Apple iPad took the level to touchscreen tablet PCs to a new height. And now RIM is all set to stun the market with its BlackBerry PlayBook. Competition between Apple and BlackBerry has always been a tough and healthy one and BlackBerry PlayBook VS Apple iPad is to watch out for. With the release of […]

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