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In this world of smartphones and tablets, you will still find the people who carry a MP3 player. And I am so confident about this fact because I belong to that group and I know many such people. Last week I met an acquiatance in a market and he was looking for a wireless MP3 player. And I learned (may be I knew it, but I never releaized), that there aren’t many wireless portable audio players in the market.

Honestly speaking, I was stunned when I was not able to name more than two good wireless MP3 players. And this is the reason I am compiling this list of some good wireless audio players. If you are one of those who would never trust on a smaller brand names, then you may not like this compilation.

The fact that not many big names have put their feet into wirless MP3 player category, it is the reason that I have listed some less known brands in the below compilation. Please note that most of this list is basically based on user feedback and reviews, which could be subjective and biased. But I have tried to pick the top ones up.

Top Wireless MP3 Players

Jlab GO4GB-BG Go

jlab wireless mp3.png

This is a 4GB wireless MP3 player which supports MP3 and WMA files. With its built in 190 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can expect a good number of hours of playback. It is water resistant and all these features make it a good enough device to compete with the likes of Sony.

Sony NWZS764WHI 8GB S Series MP3 Player

sony mp3 wireless.png

Here is an interesting MP3 player. It is a regular MP3 player (but fully loaded with all the features) which is integrated with Bluetooth functionality enabling wireless listening and it also incorporates 2 inch color LCD. With about  50 hours of audio playback and 10 hours of video playback, this Sony MP3 player offers high quality audio and video experience.

Sony NWZW263BLK Walkman MP3 Player

Sony wireless mp3 player.png

You will find number of designs of this particulr type of MP3 players. I have used one of those and was pretty impressed. You will find it with 2GB (I reckon its manufacturing has been called off) as well as 4 GB storage. It can be synced with Windows Media Player or iTunes and works well with drag-drop action. It can be used even while working out as it is water resistant.

Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

sony smart wireless headset pro.png

Sony has been one of few companies who are trying to keep the concept of MP3 players alive. This is basically a bluetooth headset, but has been programmed to function well as a MP3 player. It is basically integrated with Bluetooth A2DP adapter. It weighs 18 grams with a playback time of around 12 hours. It has a price tag of $129, but its a Bluetooth headset and MP3 player, which makes it worthed.

I have learned that wireless MP3 players is a hidden product. Please share if you are aware of any such devices.

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October 1, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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