Wave Cards – Google Wave Gadget To Play Cards

Google Wave is the most recent innovation by Google. And with time, number of Google wave gadgets are coming on Internet. Wave Cards is a Google wave gadget designed which is actually a JavaScript application that allows you to play cards on Google Wave.

google wave

Wave Cards is basically a simulation used to play cards with your friends on Google Wave. You can move and see the cards moving in real-time which allows you to experience the game of cards virtually which is very much close to reality.

wave cards google wave gadget

Below are the features of Wave Cards Google Wave Gadget:

  • Flip and shuffle cards
  • Dedicated user labels show you the movement of cards
  • Select and Drag cards in groups
  • Look at other players cards without letting them know (that is close to reality)
  • Realistic experience and many more
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November 23, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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