Ubidesk : A Web Application For Online File Sharing

If you are looking for a good online file sharing system, then halt your pursuit at Ubidesk. Ubidesk is a wonderful web application where you can share documents and files with your team. The best thing about the Ubidesk is that you can create a number of spaces you want and you can authorize any number of members to share the space, and its all free.

Once you sign up for Ubidesk, you can create any number of spaces, each allotted to different project, and you act as the Administrator of those spaces. Now, you can add members to each individual space and assign them the roles of Organizer or User, each having their own duties.

ubidesk main

Apart from these conventional features, this online file sharing application offers an online Calendar where you can plan the tasks for your team which can viewed by the whole team. It also offers an innovate online Timeline feature, where you announce the deadlines for the jobs allotted to your team.


Ubidesk is a complete online workspace for a team, where they can share all the files and information in order to keep their project moving. Here, you can create online documents, share files, hold discussions and maintain a proper schedule planner. Ubidesk offers you all the features that a comprehensive online file sharing application should have.

Ubidesk allows you to plan your work in the best possible manner even though each team member is working from different distant  places.


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