TwiTalker: Access And Update Twitter From Google Talk

Wondering how to access Twitter using Gtalk? With TwiTalker you can send tweets and receive friends’ updates to Google Talk. So, its Twitter on G Talk.


TwiTalker is actually a powerful Google Talk robot that links your Twitter account to Google Talk account and you can have an easy access to your tweets just by hitting commands on Gtalk. Below are few of the commands that can be used:

  • Get help and command list: –help
  • Bind to account: -v AccessKey AccessSecret
  • Remove binding: –remove
  • Set on-mode (receive tweets and DM from your friends): –on
  • Set self-mode (only received mentioned tweets and DM)?-self
  • Set off-mode(never receive tweets)?-off
  • Retrieve latest mentioned tweets: –@
  • Retrieve latest direct message: -d

I won’t be wrong if I call Twitter a powerhouse of social networking. And with TwiTalke, you can access this power house from your favorite chat client, GTalk.

TwiTalker is one interesting and amazing Google Talk robot which will let to relish the Twiiter magic on Gtalk.

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January 17, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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