Top Features Of iPhone 5

The wait was over when Apple announced its iPhone 5 few hours back. Being a die hard Apple fan, I was trying a lot to keep myself abreast with all the iPhone happenings. In this post I have compiled the top features of iPhone 5.

On paper, iPhone is a pretty solid smartphone. The facst that it runs on powerful processor, higher RAM, newer OS does make this iOS smartphone the one to check out.

Surely, iPhone 5 is better than any iPhone released so far. Lets get started with it!

Top Features Of iPhone 5

More Powerful Processor

iPhone 4S runs on Apple A5 dual core processor, where as iPhone 5 runs on brand new Apple A6 processor. Apple has quoted that this processor is 2 times faster than A5 processor. Although we do not have an official word on its actual specs, but it is calculated to be 1.5 or 1GHz quad core processor. Apple A6 processor is smaller, lighter, faster, heavily powerful!

Bigger RAM

During the times when smartphones were coming with 1GB of RAM, Apple was happy with its 512 MB RAM in its iPhone 4 and 4S. And trust me, that 512 MB of RAM was quite comparative with other 1GB smartphones. Well, iPhone 5 is powered by 1GB of RAM. Yes, Apple says ” Bring it on!”.

New OS

Siri was the most talked about feature of iPhone 4S, and when it comes to iOS 6 there are good number of things that one would love to know about. The list includes iMessage, improved Siri, Apple Maps (powered by TomTom), Passbook (Google’s answer to Google Wallet as this app lets you save your credit cards information, bank passwords and more), iCloud tabs, and much more.

Better And Bigger Display

Instead of making a wider screen, Apple has opted to go with the longer screen. It is tough to handle wide smartphones, so here is the Apple’s solution with a longer screen i.e. 4 inch. All and all, this turns out to be a better display as colors get boost on a longer screen.

Additions To Camera Section

With a 8MP iSight camera, Apple has also introduced few new features which include Panaroma and few more. Its front camera has evolved to FaceTime HD camera capable of capturing 1.2MP photos and record HD video (720p) up to 30 frames per second.

This is all about its hardware, with iSight iPhone’s photo capturing speed as increased to 40%. It can shoot up to 240 degrees which makes its Panorama feature an incredible addition.


Honestly speaking, this is the only section where I felt that Apple has innovated something. This is the first time that one has seen such a design of ear phones. The conventional ear phones do not fit the same in different peoples’ ears. But this has been designed to fit into everyone’s ears. It has been successfully tested on hundreds of people. With clearer audio, and noise-canceling technology, EarPods is looking to revolutionize the ear phone technology of Apple.

Better Connector

It happened with MacBook earlier and now it happened with iPhone. Its new connector is named as, Lightening. In its pursuit to make iPhone 5 lighter, Apple replaced its 30 pin connector with eight-signal design which is newer, smaller, and better.


It looks like Apple is trying to all this Google dependent features with its own ideas. Its 3D maps is one of such efforts. I do not want to offer a biased opinion, but the fact that no body has used it so far, I would only say that lets wait until its into market.

Improved Siri

Siri has surely been one of the best things happened to iPhone ever. With better support in different languages, higher understanding, and smarter responses, New Siri is a must check out feature.

There are many more features packed in this brand new iPhone 5. Some might say that Apple has stolen ideas and improved them, and some must be thrilled with its features. Its all subjective, but to be precise, we have witnessed the most powerful, fastest and lightest iPhone ever.


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September 13, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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