Top 4 Free Clipboard Managers For Android

I have never realized the effectivness of a Clipboard tool until I used it. I have always considered as an overrated concept for an application, and I am glad that I was wrong. If you do a lot of copy and paste, then you surely need a Clipboard App.

Here I am listing a small list of few free Clipboard Apps for Android. Having a record of all the copied and cut items does prove to be useful. And no doubt, it would increase your efficiency when it comes to work.

Regardless you actually need a clipboard manager for Android or not, I would like you to give any one of them a try and see how useful it would prove to be.

Top 4 Free Clipboard Managers For Android

aNdClip Free

They call themselves a copy and paste utility app for Android and it is definetly one of the most popular Android Clipboard Managers. It includes number of features like set phrases, support folder management, paste data on Contacts, data encryption (AES), and more.


Its a free Clipboard app meant for Android users. Its simple yet so powerful with its deep history records. This app is not just about having a clipboard record, but it also lets you organize the items on the clipboard. Its like copy now and paste it whenever you want.


It sits in the notifications status bar and the fact that it is very lightweight makes it a pretty good Android app as it does not consumes much of resources. Its a very useful clipboard management tool.

EZ Copy & Paste

It can be used to paste things on E-mail,browser ,and various applications on your Android device. There isn’t any thing extra ordinary thing to talk about this app, but the fact that it features all the required functions make it a powerful Clipboard for Android.

Since the Android Market is every changing, one can expect more and more apps coming into it every day. If you are aware of any such Clipboard managers for Android, then do comment and share.

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October 11, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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