Top 4 Free Android Apps For Pregnancy

Smartphones are going smarter each day. And you are not making the most of your smartphone, if you are not putting it into use properly. Today’s smartphones are as powerful as computers of year 2005. And this does imply that these handheld devices are quite powerful.

You load your Android devices with games, utility apps, camera apps, but there are far more kind of apps which would fit in your Android devices and make your life easy.

Either you, your wife or any close one of yours is pregnant, and this is the reason that you have ended on to this post. Once you are done reading this post, I can guarantee you that you would definitely check out few of these apps to see if they can be useful.

Being pregnant is definitely one of the most happiest times of any couple. And you know that a pregnant woman always needs someone to take care of her. And if an Android app can help you do the same, then you should make use of this part of the technology.

Top 4 Free Android Apps For Pregnancy

Top 4 Free Android Apps For Pregnancy – Apps for Pregnant Women

Baby Bump

This free Android app for pregnancy has been featured on The Huffington Post, CBS News, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, The iPhone Blog, This app lets couple stay updated on the progress of the pregnancy. It has got forums where you can know about things, talk to other parents. and pregnant couples. Its a pretty solid pregnancy tracking app!

Happy Pregnancy Ticker

As the name indicates, this app is meant to track your pregnancy. It features due date calculator, contraction timer, pregnancy weight estimator, random facts, and much more. Its more like a swiss-knife that you carry, a single bag pack for all the tools and calculators required.

I’m Expecting

This is a pretty solid free Android app meant for pregnant women. And I say that its an highly recommended one. It lets you track your baby’s growth and it sends frequent updates on that. It even lets you monitor your own conditions like weight, diet etc.

You can ask questions in its forum and get them answered by experts and other pregnant women. It even lets you know symtoms and stuff to keep you educated about your pregnancy. There are so many other things that this particular app lets you do. A must check out one!

My Pregnancy Today

This app is brought to you by Baby Center which has proved to be a trustworthy parenting resource for over 25 million moms. It lets you track your pregnancy, manage fetal development images, due date calculator, diet chart, and much more. With the Baby Center tag attached to it, this truly becomes an app which can be trusted upon.

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