Tips To Maintain Laptop Battery – Dos And Don’ts

When you buy a brand new thing, you take a oath that you would look after it. I do this whenever I buy something new, but I fail in doing so. So, when you buy a brand new laptop, you ensure that it does not get any scratches, keyboard stays fine, display looks great, its free from stains. But what about battery?

Have you ever done anything to maintain laptop battery in order to ensure its long life. Yes, in this post we would be talking about the Dos and Don’ts for different battery types. And these tips would let to increase the lifetime of laptop battery.

Tips To Maintain Laptop Battery – Dos And Don’ts

In this post we would be basically talking about Lithium – Ion batteries because almost each and every laptop of the modern day runs on Li-Ion battery. There are two things which a new laptop owner should know which are, Priming Li-Ion battery and Cycling Li-Ion battery.

By Priming Li-Ion battery we mean to charge it fully before you use your laptop for the first time. And the Cycling Li-Ion battery means discharging and charging it fully once in every couple of weeks. And since Li-Ion battery dissipates so much of heat, it is always recommended to take special care.

Dos To Maintain Laptop battery

  • Charge at a lower voltage
  • Avoid using laptop while it is getting charged. Just charge it and discharge it partially
  • Keep battery in refrigerator with 40% – 50% of charge
  • Do the cycling of the battery after every few weeks or 30 partial charges

Don’ts To Maintain Laptop Battery

  • Avoid deep discharging of battery
  • Avoid ultra fast charge
  • Avoid connecting fully charged battery to power supply
  • Avoid trickle charge

It is always recommended to use laptop coolers if possible because it helps to control the temperature of the battery. Cooler is the temperature, better is the lifetime of the battery. Please do share your means of maintaining your battery life.

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August 3, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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