How To Transfer Files From Android To Computer Wireless

Is it really possible to transfer files from Android to computer wireless? Yes, it is provided you have a WiFi connection on your computer. There is a free app, SwiFTP FTP Server for Android which can be installed on your device and you can get going with it. But what exactly does this app this? […]

How to Use your Android Phone as a Wireless Broadband Modem

While most Android phone users are well aware of how they can browse the web on their smartphone, many don’t understand the full capabilities of their device. Tethering, which allows owners to use their Android phone like a wireless broadband modem is available on most devices, and can be set up with ease. By connecting […]

Asus RT-N76U Wireless Router With 3G Support |Review|

Asus is rapidly adding more wireless routers under its belt. Asus RT-N76U is the newest wireless router with 3G connectivity which supports simultaneous scanning and printing which lets you do wireless printing from any place. Asus RT-N76U is capable of of handling 300,000 sessions at a time. It offers you with an amazingly fast and […]

Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 – Comfort Curve Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

  The Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 is a combination set of a wireless keyboard (with comfort curve) and a wireless mouse.  Now, is the term “comfort curve” is a bit confusing? But, this additional comfort curve feature is the highlight of the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 keyboard. If you spend a huge number […]