How To Remove / Delete Facebook Application

We usually use number of Facebook applications but later when we try to remove or delete those Facebook apps, we keep wondering about the correct way. Facebook has thousands of applications available, many of them access to our data and so it is very necessary to stay away from such apps. If you are trying […]

How To Add Multiple Administrators To The Fan Pages On Facebook

If you have created an Facebook fan page, then you might be looking for a way to add multiple administrators to the Facebook fan page created by you. There are times when the creator of any Facebook page is not able to update the information or to any tasks like promote the product, event, website […]

How To Fix Code 28 Out Of Sync Error In Farmville

You must be surely looking to fix Out Of Sync errors occurred while you are playing Farmville on Facebook. There are number reasons behind the occurring of this Out Of Sync error, regardless which you want to fix it because it tends to lose all the unsaved Farmville game data. Once this error occurs, you […]

twitMovie – Track The Latest Movies / Films On Twitter

Twitter is one the most popular social networking web sites of all. And twitMovie allows you to track all the news about the latest movies / films on Twitter. Click here to check some of the amazing Twitter stuff. This amazing service, twitMovie offers you the tweets on with Netflix descriptions, news and reviews of […]

Fishbowl – Facebook Client For Windows 7

Windows 7 the latest operating system by Microsoft is growing big (as expected). And how about social networking on Windows 7? Facebook has been a revelation since the day it has hit the Internet. Fishbowl is an amazing Facebook client for Windows 7 operating system and is designed by Microsoft itself. Fishbowl allows you to […]

KnowEM – Check Availability Of Username In Over 340 Social Network

KnowEM is a free web application that lets you check the availability of a user name in the major social networking sites. To be precise, you can check for the availability of a user name in over 340 Social Networks by the virtue of few clicks. KnowEm controls them all to see if the name […]

Daily RT–Find Most Popular Tweets On Web-Easy Way To ReTweet

The Daily RT is the web application which is mainly designed to know what’s HOT on the prominent and huge Twitter planet. This web app allows you to find the tweets/re-tweets which are most popular and hot on the entire web. Daily RT also allows you to find out the tweets which have been most […]