Instant Messenger Cleaner – Clean Viruses And Worms From IM Clients

Instant Messenger Cleaner is a free program, enables you to protect your IM client, MSN or Windows Live Messenger, AOL instant messenger and Yahoo Messenger from worms, viruses and other related threats. Check out some of the useful freeware and tips & tutorials. Instant Messengers are one of the basic programs used by Internet users. […]

Google Public DNS – Safer And Faster Internet

Google has come up with its Public DNS protocol of offer, which will make your Internet faster and safer. Public Google DNS is a free DNS resolution service that can be used as an alternative to your current DNS provider. Domain Name System (DNS) is the integral part of any Internet connection. A normal user […]

How To Encrypt Files On USB Pen Drive

USB pen drives have become a best way to transfer data.  So storing data in a safe manner is always a prior requirement. Here is the way to encrypt files on USB pen drive. Check the Tips and Tutorials section. The main purpose behind encrypting files is to keep them secured from the other. People […]