5 Reasons Which Make Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 An iPad Killer

Finally Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 reaches India. I am not sure what Samsung decided to change its name, but it was never about name. People in India can now lay their hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. When we actually label a Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 as an iPad killer, it does not sound wrong […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab On Gingerbread Android 2.3.3

If you have been having a Samsung Galaxy Tab and running it on Android 2.3.3, here is the chance to root you. Yes, we are talking about how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab running on Gingerbread Android 2.3.3. This root was shared by a XDA Developer forum member and in this tutorial he did the […]

5 Best Free Apps For Kids For Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of most selling tablet PCs in the market and I am sure that there isn’t any person on the planet unaware of this name. We have already talked about the best free apps for Galaxy Tab, and its the time for some apps for your kids. Yes, we would be […]

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab To Factory Settings

The whole procedure to reset Samsung Galaxy Tab To Factory Settings is so very easy and simple. You can simply reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab using the factory reset option or there is another way too. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab which is running fine on Android OS, then you can reset to […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad – Comparision Of Specfications And Features – Tablet PCs

The battle of tablet PCs is just about to begin. This time, its Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet PC by the makers and is all set to prove which is the best tablet PC in the market. Apple iPad has been one hell of an innovation. […]